Italy, and the spring and first love all together should suffice to make the gloomiest person happy.– Bertrand Russell, philosopher


What we offer


Baccari Tour

Baccaro is a Venetian word for bar. When you know the best baccari, you can enjoy not only the most exquisite aperitivi and bites, but also get to know Venetians and experience true local flavours and traditions.


Restaurants Tour

Venice is famous for its culinary specialities. Discover the restaurants that locals frequent and savour authentic and well-known Venetian dishes. Don’t settle for overpriced touristic destinations.


Learn How to Cook Venetian Dishes 

Your favourite souvenir? Being able to recreate an exquisite Venetian meal.  Experience the local markets to buy ingredients with a local chef. Cooking together, you’ll learn how to prepare a set of traditional dishes as well as other tricks of the trade.

A Boat Tour of Venice, the Venetian Islands, and the Laguna

There is no better way to experience Venice, the city built on water, than by boat. If you stay in our Canal View or Palazzo Torniello apartment, we are happy to organize a boat to pick you up at your doorstep and bring you to Lido or to one of the many splendid Islands in the Venetian lagoon.

Take in Venice and surrounding areas from a different perspective—the water. Choose a kayak, a sailing, or an electric boat for an unforgettable experience while protecting the environment. ​

Tours of Venice 

History, architecture, art, and romance, Venice is a city that offers all of this and more. Uncover the hidden gems and stories with the most knowledgeable guides. Tours of the Venetian islands and the beaches of Lido are also available.